• Tiếng Việt
  • General information

    Thang Long Investment Export-Import JSC (legal name as DragonGroup) has emerged as one of the leading Company operating in 5 core fields: textiles, construction, construction investment, commercial services and environmental protection. With Aim to contributing the development of internal country technical infrastructure, protecting the environment and improving lives of Vietnamese, DragonGroup is constantly striving to rapidly grow and large scale, currently being implemented a series of internal and foreign key projects.


    Core values


    are the source of Company's strength

    Always pioneering

    changing impossibility to possibility

    Go to the end

    of every commitment

    Never consent

    continuous effort, innovation and adaptation

    High speed

    detail and stability


    to the community and the environment


    For staffs:

    Building a professional, dynamic and humanistic working environment with a reasonably stable wage and salary system, equal development opportunity and treat each other with respect and dignity.

    For partners:

    Accompany with partners on the basis of trust, faith, sharing and sustainable "win - win", being mutually beneficial.

    For market:

    Providing diverse products, outstanding quality, reasonable prices in accordance with the tastes and income of Vietnamese majority.

    For society:

    Harmonizing business interests and social benefits, demonstrating responsibility to the community and environment through products, services, community activities and environmental protection.


    The pioneering aspiration goes along with the sustainable development strategy, DragonGroup strives to become the leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam on the basis of stabilizing production industry; create a strong and prestigious brand with many key traffic infrastructure projects; successful construction of urban areas and a series of accompanying services contributing to improving the quality of life and democratizing real estate for the majority of Vietnamese; cooperating with leading foreign partners to pioneer the development of System supply of electrostatic precipitator from solid waste treatment plants in Vietnam.